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  • Net weight: 10 grams
  • Net weight: 10 grams
  • Net weight: 10 grams
  • Product information
  • Product information
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Product description

"Donii Granule" instant sexual enhancement tea from Thailand

12 pcs

Быстрорастворимый экстракт «Донии» в гранулах для качественного секса между мужчиной и женщиной (Таиланд)

Net weight: 10 g x 12 pcs = 120 g

"Donii Granule" instant sexual enhancement tea is recommended for both men and women to improve the quality of the sexual intercourse. The best results are obtained when both a man and a woman each drink one or two cups of this herbal tea (1 sachet per cup) 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, it is best to take with your stomach being empty of food to achieve the best results. Do not eat any food nor drink any alcoholic beverages before sexual intercourse. "Donii Granule" instant sexual enhancement tea is certified by GMP, ISO and Natural Herbal Product in Thailand, it is completely safe, does not have any adverse effects. "Donii Granule" instant sexual enhancement tea contains only herbal ingredients. It is called by many people a Herbal Viagra.


  • Impotence
  • Weak erection associated with the weakness and soreness of low back, loins and knees
  • Low sexual desire and energy
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Male infertility due to low sperm counts
  • Female sexual arousal disorders
  • Low energy, cold feeling of limbs, pale face


Each sachet (10 g) contains:

Herbal Functions

  • Boosts the exhausted sexual energy batteries
  • Enriches the blood and thus relieves impotence and premature ejaculation
  • Replenishes kidneys' male Yang energy
  • Stimulates blood flow into kidneys to promote its healthy fluid metabolism functions
  • Improves blood circulation thus improving libido, sexual energy and stamina

How to use

Dissolve in hot water (1 sachet per cup) and drink 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, take with empty stomach.

Do not drink more than 2 cups (2 sachets) per day.

Can be dissolved in any drink: green tea, black tea, coffee, Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, juice, etc. It will have the same effect.

It will increase sexual arousal in both man and woman, harden man's penis, prolong sexual intercourse, prevent premature ejaculation.

Recommended for women with sexual arousal disorders and for men with erectyle disfunction.

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Other details

Product of:
Net weight:
120 grams
Storage period before expiry:
3 years
Certified by FDA:
Certified by ISO:
Certified by Natural Herbal Product:
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